Class DocumentReaderGraphicField


public class DocumentReaderGraphicField
structure, describing single graphic field extracted
  • Field Details

    • sourceType

      public int sourceType
      one of eRPRM_ResultType indicating fields origin type
    • fieldType

      public int fieldType
      one of eGraphicFieldType indicating type of the graphic field
    • light

      public int light
      one of eRPRM_Lights indicating lightning scheme of the graphic field was taken in
    • pageIndex

      public int pageIndex
      indicates sequential number of page, element is located on
    • originalPageIndex

      public int originalPageIndex
      Original page index
    • boundRect

      public DocReaderFieldRect boundRect
      indicates bounds for graphic field
  • Constructor Details

    • DocumentReaderGraphicField

      public DocumentReaderGraphicField()
  • Method Details

    • getFieldName

      public String getFieldName(Context context)
      field symbolic name
    • fromJson

      public static DocumentReaderGraphicField fromJson(String json)
    • fromJson

      public static DocumentReaderGraphicField fromJson(JSONObject jsonObject)
    • toJson

      public String toJson()
      Method convert object to string in json format
      string in json format