Class ImageQualityGroup


public class ImageQualityGroup extends Object
Structure, containing overall data about quality checks performed
  • Field Details

    • count

      public int count
      total number of quality checks performed
    • result

      public int result
      overall result of all checks for page one of eCheckResult values indicating result of the check
    • imageQualityList

      public List<ImageQuality> imageQualityList
      list of all quality checks performed
    • pageIndex

      public int pageIndex
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageQualityGroup

      public ImageQualityGroup()
  • Method Details

    • fromJson

      public static ImageQualityGroup fromJson(String json)
    • fromJson

      public static ImageQualityGroup fromJson(JSONObject object)
    • toJson

      public String toJson()
      Method convert object to string in json format
      string in json format