Class DocumentReaderValue


public class DocumentReaderValue extends Object
structure describing single value of the field
  • Field Details

    • field

      current text field DocumentReaderTextField
    • sourceType

      public int sourceType
      one of eRPRM_ResultType values indicating the value's origin source
    • value

      public String value
      Lexical Analysis formatted value
    • originalValue

      public String originalValue
      unformatted value as it was on the source
    • pageIndex

      public int pageIndex
    • boundRect

      public Rect boundRect
      bounds result of the particular value
    • rfidOrigin

      public DocumentReaderRfidOrigin rfidOrigin
      the field is available only for the 'rfid' source
    • originalSymbols

      public List<DocumentReaderSymbol> originalSymbols
      list of all symbols for this value
    • probability

      public int probability
  • Constructor Details

    • DocumentReaderValue

      public DocumentReaderValue()
    • DocumentReaderValue

      public DocumentReaderValue(DocumentReaderTextField field)