Class DocumentReaderTextField


public class DocumentReaderTextField extends Object
serves for storing information from one text data field.
  • Field Details

    • fieldType

      public int fieldType
      one of eVisualFieldType values, indicating type of the field
    • lcid

      public int lcid
      ID of language-culture to differentiate one field of the same type from another (for example Belarus Passport Page # 31 – Belarusian and Russian fields of the same type) one of LCID values, indicating type of the field
    • values

      public List<DocumentReaderValue> values
      list of all values of the same field type
    • comparisonList

      public List<DocumentReaderComparison> comparisonList
      list of all comparison statuses for this field type
    • validityList

      public List<DocumentReaderValidity> validityList
      list of all validity statuses for this field type
    • value

      public String value
      value from the field
    • status

      public int status
      one of eCheckResult values, indicating verification result of the field
    • comparisonStatus

      public int comparisonStatus
      one of eCheckResult values, indicating comparison result of the field
    • validityStatus

      public int validityStatus
      one of eCheckResult values, indicating validity result of the field
  • Constructor Details

    • DocumentReaderTextField

      public DocumentReaderTextField()
  • Method Details

    • getFieldName

      public String getFieldName(Context context)
      field symbolic name
    • getLcidName

      public String getLcidName(Context context)
    • value

      public DocumentReaderValue value()
      Returns value of first found source by priority mrz - rfid - barcode - visual
      value or null
    • value

      public DocumentReaderValue value(int sourceType)
      Returns value of source specified
      sourceType - one of @eRPRM_ResultType.ResultTypeValues
      value or null