Class RfidScenario

  • public class RfidScenario
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class contains rfid scenario configuration
    • Constructor Detail

      • RfidScenario

        public RfidScenario()
    • Method Detail

      • toCoreJson

        public java.lang.String toCoreJson​(DocumentReaderResults results)
        internal method for convert rfid options to Core
        results - latest document reader results
        json string
      • toJson

        public java.lang.String toJson()
        Converts RfidScenario object to JSON string
      • toJsonObject

        public JSONObject toJsonObject()
        Converts RfidScenario object to JSON object
      • fromJson

        public RfidScenario fromJson​(java.lang.String json)
        Converts properly formatted JSON string to RfidScenario object instance
      • getSignManagementAction

        public int getSignManagementAction()
        one of eSignManagementAction values
      • setSignManagementAction

        public void setSignManagementAction​(int signManagementAction)
        signManagementAction - one of eSignManagementAction values
      • getReadingBuffer

        public int getReadingBuffer()
      • setReadingBuffer

        public void setReadingBuffer​(int readingBuffer)
      • getOnlineTAToSignDataType

        public int getOnlineTAToSignDataType()
      • isOnlineTA

        public boolean isOnlineTA()
      • setOnlineTA

        public void setOnlineTA​(boolean onlineTA)
      • isWriteEid

        public boolean isWriteEid()
      • setWriteEid

        public void setWriteEid​(boolean writeEid)
      • getProfilerType

        public int getProfilerType()
        current data profiler type, one of eRFID_SDK_ProfilerType values
      • setProfilerType

        public void setProfilerType​(int profilerType)
        LDS data profiler type
        profilerType - one of eRFID_SDK_ProfilerType values
      • getAuthProcType

        public int getAuthProcType()
        the type of performed procedure of document authentication within the context of the communication session with electronic document one of eRFID_AuthenticationProcedureType values
      • setAuthProcType

        public void setAuthProcType​(int authProcType)
        define the type of performed procedure of document authentication within the context of the communication session with electronic document
        authProcType - one of eRFID_AuthenticationProcedureType values
      • getBaseSMProcedure

        public int getBaseSMProcedure()
        current type of authentication or secure data access procedure one of eRFID_AccessControl_ProcedureType values
      • setBaseSMProcedure

        public void setBaseSMProcedure​(int baseSMProcedure)
        define the type of authentication or secure data access procedure
        baseSMProcedure - one of eRFID_AccessControl_ProcedureType values
      • getPacePasswordType

        public int getPacePasswordType()
        the type of key to access the protected data one of eRFID_Password_Type
      • setPacePasswordType

        public void setPacePasswordType​(int pacePasswordType)
        define the type of key to access the protected data
        pacePasswordType - one of eRFID_Password_Type
      • getTerminalType

        public int getTerminalType()
        current type of terminal within the context of the communication session with electronic document one of eRFID_TerminalType
      • setTerminalType

        public void setTerminalType​(int terminalType)
        define the type of terminal within the context of the communication session with electronic document
        terminalType - one of eRFID_TerminalType
      • isUniversalAccessRights

        public boolean isUniversalAccessRights()
        logical sign of the use of the universal access rights to the capabilities of electronic document ("all inclusive" mode). If false, set of access rights will be composed on the basis of the following options: -rights for reading data groups (ePassport, eID applications) formed on the basis of actually requested in the current reading session -rights to use the functionality of the electronic document for AT terminal – based on the following parameters (all values of true/false)
      • setUniversalAccessRights

        public void setUniversalAccessRights​(boolean universalAccessRights)
      • isAuthorizedRestrictedIdentification

        public boolean isAuthorizedRestrictedIdentification()
        Logical sign of restricted identification procedure performance
      • isAuxVerificationCommunityID

        public boolean isAuxVerificationCommunityID()
        logical sign of the need to verify Community ID
      • setAuxVerificationCommunityID

        public void setAuxVerificationCommunityID​(boolean auxVerificationCommunityID)
      • isAuxVerificationDateOfBirth

        public boolean isAuxVerificationDateOfBirth()
        logical sign of the need to verify the age of the document holder
      • setAuxVerificationDateOfBirth

        public void setAuxVerificationDateOfBirth​(boolean auxVerificationDateOfBirth)
      • isSkipAA

        public boolean isSkipAA()
        logical sign of the cancellation of active authentication procedure after the successful performance of chip authentication (CA) procedure
      • setSkipAA

        public void setSkipAA​(boolean skipAA)
      • isStrictProcessing

        public boolean isStrictProcessing()
      • setStrictProcessing

        public void setStrictProcessing​(boolean strictProcessing)
        See {@link #}
      • isPkdDSCertPriority

        public boolean isPkdDSCertPriority()
      • setPkdDSCertPriority

        public void setPkdDSCertPriority​(boolean pkdDSCertPriority)
        See {@link #}
      • isPkdUseExternalCSCA

        public boolean isPkdUseExternalCSCA()
        limitation of the use of CSCA-certificates submitted by individual data files only
      • setPkdUseExternalCSCA

        public void setPkdUseExternalCSCA​(boolean pkdUseExternalCSCA)
      • isTrustedPKD

        public boolean isTrustedPKD()
        acquisition of the sign of maximum trust level activity to CSCA-certificates from PKD
      • setTrustedPKD

        public void setTrustedPKD​(boolean trustedPKD)
      • isPassiveAuth

        public boolean isPassiveAuth()
        logical sign of passive authentication performance
      • setPassiveAuth

        public void setPassiveAuth​(boolean passiveAuth)
      • isPaceStaticBinding

        public boolean isPaceStaticBinding()
      • setPaceStaticBinding

        public void setPaceStaticBinding​(boolean paceStaticBinding)
      • getPassword

        public java.lang.String getPassword()
        value as a security key for opening RFID security messaging session with a chip
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(java.lang.String password)
      • isUseSFI

        public boolean isUseSFI()
      • setUseSFI

        public void setUseSFI​(boolean useSFI)
      • getPkdPA

        public java.lang.String getPkdPA()
      • setPkdPA

        public void setPkdPA​(java.lang.String pkdPA)
      • getPkdEAC

        public java.lang.String getPkdEAC()
      • setPkdEAC

        public void setPkdEAC​(java.lang.String pkdEAC)
      • isReadEPassport

        public boolean isReadEPassport()
        If set, ePassport Application reading attempt will be performed
      • setReadEPassport

        public void setReadEPassport​(boolean readEPassport)
      • isReadEID

        public boolean isReadEID()
        If set, eID Application reading attempt will be performed
      • setReadEID

        public void setReadEID​(boolean readEID)
      • isReadEDL

        public boolean isReadEDL()
        If set, eDL Application reading attempt will be performed
      • setReadEDL

        public void setReadEDL​(boolean readEDL)
      • setMrz

        public void setMrz​(java.lang.String mrz)
      • geteSignPINDefault

        public java.lang.String geteSignPINDefault()
      • seteSignPINDefault

        public void seteSignPINDefault​(java.lang.String eSignPINDefault)
      • geteSignPINNewValue

        public java.lang.String geteSignPINNewValue()
      • seteSignPINNewValue

        public void seteSignPINNewValue​(java.lang.String eSignPINNewValue)
      • isAuthorizedSTSignature

        public boolean isAuthorizedSTSignature()
      • setAuthorizedSTSignature

        public void setAuthorizedSTSignature​(boolean authorizedSTSignature)
      • isAuthorizedSTQSignature

        public boolean isAuthorizedSTQSignature()
      • setAuthorizedSTQSignature

        public void setAuthorizedSTQSignature​(boolean authorizedSTQSignature)
      • isAuthorizedWriteDG17

        public boolean isAuthorizedWriteDG17()
        rights to write (update) the data of eID application informational group DG17
      • setAuthorizedWriteDG17

        public void setAuthorizedWriteDG17​(boolean authorizedWriteDG17)
      • isAuthorizedWriteDG18

        public boolean isAuthorizedWriteDG18()
        rights to write (update) the data of eID application informational group DG18
      • setAuthorizedWriteDG18

        public void setAuthorizedWriteDG18​(boolean authorizedWriteDG18)
      • isAuthorizedWriteDG19

        public boolean isAuthorizedWriteDG19()
        rights to write (update) the data of eID application informational group DG19
      • setAuthorizedWriteDG19

        public void setAuthorizedWriteDG19​(boolean authorizedWriteDG19)
      • isAuthorizedWriteDG20

        public boolean isAuthorizedWriteDG20()
        rights to write (update) the data of eID application informational group DG20
      • setAuthorizedWriteDG20

        public void setAuthorizedWriteDG20​(boolean authorizedWriteDG20)
      • isAuthorizedWriteDG21

        public boolean isAuthorizedWriteDG21()
        rights to write (update) the data of eID application informational group DG21
      • setAuthorizedWriteDG21

        public void setAuthorizedWriteDG21​(boolean authorizedWriteDG21)
      • isAuthorizedVerifyAge

        public boolean isAuthorizedVerifyAge()
        rights to perform Age verification
      • setAuthorizedVerifyAge

        public void setAuthorizedVerifyAge​(boolean authorizedVerifyAge)
      • isAuthorizedVerifyCommunityID

        public boolean isAuthorizedVerifyCommunityID()
        rights to perform Community ID verification
      • isAuthorizedPrivilegedTerminal

        public boolean isAuthorizedPrivilegedTerminal()
        right to use privileged CA keys
      • isAuthorizedCANAllowed

        public boolean isAuthorizedCANAllowed()
        right to use CAN password
      • setAuthorizedCANAllowed

        public void setAuthorizedCANAllowed​(boolean authorizedCANAllowed)
      • isAuthorizedPINManagment

        public boolean isAuthorizedPINManagment()
        right to use PIN password management instructions
      • setAuthorizedPINManagment

        public void setAuthorizedPINManagment​(boolean authorizedPINManagment)
      • isAuthorizedInstallCert

        public boolean isAuthorizedInstallCert()
      • setAuthorizedInstallCert

        public void setAuthorizedInstallCert​(boolean authorizedInstallCert)
      • isAuthorizedInstallQCert

        public boolean isAuthorizedInstallQCert()
        right to generate a pair of cryptographic keys for eSign application
      • setAuthorizedInstallQCert

        public void setAuthorizedInstallQCert​(boolean authorizedInstallQCert)
      • ePassportDataGroups

        public EPassportDataGroups ePassportDataGroups()
        List of Data Groups to be read for ePassport Application
      • eIDDataGroups

        public EIDDataGroups eIDDataGroups()
        List of Data Groups to be read for eID Application
      • eDLDataGroups

        public EDLDataGroups eDLDataGroups()
        List of Data Groups to be read for eDL Application
      • setAutoSettings

        public void setAutoSettings​(boolean autoSettings)
      • isAutoSettings

        public boolean isAutoSettings()
      • setApplyAmendments

        public void setApplyAmendments​(boolean value)
      • isApplyAmendments

        public boolean isApplyAmendments()
      • setReadSAM

        public void setReadSAM​(boolean readSAM)
      • isReadSAM

        public boolean isReadSAM()
      • getDefaultReadingBufferSize

        public int getDefaultReadingBufferSize()
      • setReprocessParams

        public void setReprocessParams​(ReprocParams params)
      • getReprocessParams

        public ReprocParams getReprocessParams()