Class diDocType


public class diDocType extends Object
Enumeration contains possible values of document types
  • Field Details

    • dtNotDefined

      public static final int dtNotDefined
      Unknown type
      See Also:
    • dtPassport

      public static final int dtPassport
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCard

      public static final int dtIdentityCard
      Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtDiplomaticPassport

      public static final int dtDiplomaticPassport
      Diplomatic Passport
      See Also:
    • dtServicePassport

      public static final int dtServicePassport
      Service Passport
      See Also:
    • dtSeamanIdentityDocument

      public static final int dtSeamanIdentityDocument
      Seaman's Identity Document
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardForResidence

      public static final int dtIdentityCardForResidence
      Identity Card for Residence
      See Also:
    • dtTravelDocument

      public static final int dtTravelDocument
      Travel Document
      See Also:
    • dtOther

      public static final int dtOther
      See Also:
    • dtVisaID2

      public static final int dtVisaID2
      Visa ID-2
      See Also:
    • dtVisaID3

      public static final int dtVisaID3
      Visa ID-3
      See Also:
    • dtRegistrationCertificate

      public static final int dtRegistrationCertificate
      Registration Certificate
      See Also:
    • dtNationalIdentityCard

      public static final int dtNationalIdentityCard
      National Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtSocialIdentityCard

      public static final int dtSocialIdentityCard
      Social Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtAliensIdentityCard

      public static final int dtAliensIdentityCard
      Alien's Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtPrivilegedIdentityCard

      public static final int dtPrivilegedIdentityCard
      Privileged Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtResidencePermitIdentityCard

      public static final int dtResidencePermitIdentityCard
      Residence Permit Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtOriginCard

      public static final int dtOriginCard
      Origin Card
      See Also:
    • dtEmergencyPassport

      public static final int dtEmergencyPassport
      Emergency Passport
      See Also:
    • dtAliensPassport

      public static final int dtAliensPassport
      Alien's Passport
      See Also:
    • dtAlternativeIdentityCard

      public static final int dtAlternativeIdentityCard
      Alternative Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtAuthorizationCard

      public static final int dtAuthorizationCard
      Authorization Card
      See Also:
    • dtBeginnerPermit

      public static final int dtBeginnerPermit
      Beginner Permit
      See Also:
    • dtBorderCrossingCard

      public static final int dtBorderCrossingCard
      Border Crossing Card
      See Also:
    • dtChauffeurLicense

      public static final int dtChauffeurLicense
      Chauffeur License
      See Also:
    • dtChauffeurLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtChauffeurLicenseUnder18
      Chauffeur License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtChauffeurLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtChauffeurLicenseUnder21
      Chauffeur License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicense
      Commercial Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermit

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermit
      Commercial Driving License Instructional Permit
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Commercial Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Commercial Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialInstructionPermit

      public static final int dtCommercialInstructionPermit
      Commercial Instruction Permit
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialNewPermit

      public static final int dtCommercialNewPermit
      Commercial New Permit
      See Also:
    • dtConcealedCarryLicense

      public static final int dtConcealedCarryLicense
      Concealed Carry License
      See Also:
    • dtConcealedFirearmPermit

      public static final int dtConcealedFirearmPermit
      Concealed Firearm Permit
      See Also:
    • dtConditionalDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtConditionalDrivingLicense
      Conditional Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtDepartmentOfVeteransAffairsIdentityCard

      public static final int dtDepartmentOfVeteransAffairsIdentityCard
      Department of Veterans Affairs Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtDiplomaticDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtDiplomaticDrivingLicense
      Diplomatic Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtDrivingLicense
      Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermit

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermit
      Driving License Instructional Permit
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermitUnder18
      Driving License Instructional Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseInstructionalPermitUnder21
      Driving License Instructional Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermit

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermit
      Driving License Learners Permit
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermitUnder18
      Driving License Learners Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseLearnersPermitUnder21
      Driving License Learners Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseNovice

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseNovice
      Driving License Novice
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder18
      Driving License Novice under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder21
      Driving License Novice under 21
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseRegisteredOffender

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseRegisteredOffender
      Driving License Registered Offender
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseRestrictedUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseRestrictedUnder18
      Driving License Restricted under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseRestrictedUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseRestrictedUnder21
      Driving License Restricted under 21
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitor

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitor
      Driving License Temporary Visitor
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitorUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitorUnder18
      Driving License Temporary Visitor under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitorUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseTemporaryVisitorUnder21
      Driving License Temporary Visitor under 21
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtEmploymentDrivingPermit

      public static final int dtEmploymentDrivingPermit
      Employment Driving Permit
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedChauffeurLicense

      public static final int dtEnhancedChauffeurLicense
      Enhanced Chauffeur License
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedChauffeurLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtEnhancedChauffeurLicenseUnder18
      Enhanced Chauffeur License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedChauffeurLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtEnhancedChauffeurLicenseUnder21
      Enhanced Chauffeur License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedCommercialDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtEnhancedCommercialDrivingLicense
      Enhanced Commercial Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtEnhancedDrivingLicense
      Enhanced Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtEnhancedDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Enhanced Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtEnhancedDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Enhanced Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedIdentityCard

      public static final int dtEnhancedIdentityCard
      Enhanced Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedIdentityCardUnder18

      public static final int dtEnhancedIdentityCardUnder18
      Enhanced Identity Card under 18
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedIdentityCardUnder21

      public static final int dtEnhancedIdentityCardUnder21
      Enhanced Identity Card under 21
      See Also:
    • dtEnhancedOperatorsLicense

      public static final int dtEnhancedOperatorsLicense
      Enhanced Operators License
      See Also:
    • dtFirearmsPermit

      public static final int dtFirearmsPermit
      Firearms Permit
      See Also:
    • dtFullProvisionalLicense

      public static final int dtFullProvisionalLicense
      Full Provisional License
      See Also:
    • dtFullProvisionalLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtFullProvisionalLicenseUnder18
      Full Provisional License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtFullProvisionalLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtFullProvisionalLicenseUnder21
      Full Provisional License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtGenevaConventionsIdentityCard

      public static final int dtGenevaConventionsIdentityCard
      Geneva Conventions Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtGraduatedDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Graduated Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtGraduatedDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Graduated Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedInstructionPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtGraduatedInstructionPermitUnder18
      Graduated Instruction Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedInstructionPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtGraduatedInstructionPermitUnder21
      Graduated Instruction Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtGraduatedLicenseUnder18
      Graduated License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtGraduatedLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtGraduatedLicenseUnder21
      Graduated License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtHandgunCarryPermit

      public static final int dtHandgunCarryPermit
      Handgun Carry Permit
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityAndPrivilegeCard

      public static final int dtIdentityAndPrivilegeCard
      Identity and Privilege Card
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardMobilityImpaired

      public static final int dtIdentityCardMobilityImpaired
      Identity Card Mobility Impaired
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardRegisteredOffender

      public static final int dtIdentityCardRegisteredOffender
      Identity Card Registered Offender
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitor

      public static final int dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitor
      Identity Card Temporary Visitor
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitorUnder18

      public static final int dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitorUnder18
      Identity Card Temporary Visitor under 18
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitorUnder21

      public static final int dtIdentityCardTemporaryVisitorUnder21
      Identity Card Temporary Visitor under 21
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardUnder18

      public static final int dtIdentityCardUnder18
      Identity Card under 18
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardUnder21

      public static final int dtIdentityCardUnder21
      Identity Card under 21
      See Also:
    • dtIgnitionInterlockPermit

      public static final int dtIgnitionInterlockPermit
      Ignition Interlock Permit
      See Also:
    • dtImmigrantVisa

      public static final int dtImmigrantVisa
      Immigrant Visa
      See Also:
    • dtInstructionPermit

      public static final int dtInstructionPermit
      Instruction Permit
      See Also:
    • dtInstructionPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtInstructionPermitUnder18
      Instruction Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtInstructionPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtInstructionPermitUnder21
      Instruction Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtInterimDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtInterimDrivingLicense
      Interim Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtInterimIdentityCard

      public static final int dtInterimIdentityCard
      Interim Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtIntermediateDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtIntermediateDrivingLicense
      Intermediate Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtIntermediateDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtIntermediateDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Intermediate Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtIntermediateDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtIntermediateDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Intermediate Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtJuniorDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtJuniorDrivingLicense
      Junior Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerInstructionalPermit

      public static final int dtLearnerInstructionalPermit
      Learner Instructional Permit
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerLicense

      public static final int dtLearnerLicense
      Learner License
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtLearnerLicenseUnder18
      Learner License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtLearnerLicenseUnder21
      Learner License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerPermit

      public static final int dtLearnerPermit
      Learner Permit
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtLearnerPermitUnder18
      Learner Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtLearnerPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtLearnerPermitUnder21
      Learner Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtLimitedLicense

      public static final int dtLimitedLicense
      Limited License
      See Also:
    • dtLimitedPermit

      public static final int dtLimitedPermit
      Limited Permit
      See Also:
    • dtLimitedTermDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtLimitedTermDrivingLicense
      Limited Term Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtLimitedTermIdentityCard

      public static final int dtLimitedTermIdentityCard
      Limited Term Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtLiquorIdentityCard

      public static final int dtLiquorIdentityCard
      Liquor Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtNewPermit

      public static final int dtNewPermit
      New Permit
      See Also:
    • dtNewPermitUnder18

      public static final int dtNewPermitUnder18
      New Permit under 18
      See Also:
    • dtNewPermitUnder21

      public static final int dtNewPermitUnder21
      New Permit under 21
      See Also:
    • dtNonUsCitizenDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtNonUsCitizenDrivingLicense
      Non-US Citizen Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtOccupationalDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtOccupationalDrivingLicense
      Occupational Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtOneidaTribeOfIndiansIdentityCard

      public static final int dtOneidaTribeOfIndiansIdentityCard
      Oneida Tribe of Indians Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtOperatorLicense

      public static final int dtOperatorLicense
      Operator License
      See Also:
    • dtOperatorLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtOperatorLicenseUnder18
      Operator License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtOperatorLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtOperatorLicenseUnder21
      Operator License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtPermanentDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtPermanentDrivingLicense
      Permanent Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtPermitToReEnter

      public static final int dtPermitToReEnter
      Permit to Re-enter
      See Also:
    • dtProbationaryAutoLicense

      public static final int dtProbationaryAutoLicense
      Probationary Auto License
      See Also:
    • dtProbationaryDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtProbationaryDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Probationary Auto License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtProbationaryDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtProbationaryDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Probationary Auto License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtProbationaryVehicleSalespersonLicense

      public static final int dtProbationaryVehicleSalespersonLicense
      Probationary Vehicle Salesperson License
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtProvisionalDrivingLicense
      Provisional Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtProvisionalDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Provisional Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtProvisionalDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Provisional Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalLicense

      public static final int dtProvisionalLicense
      Provisional License
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtProvisionalLicenseUnder18
      Provisional License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtProvisionalLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtProvisionalLicenseUnder21
      Provisional License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtPublicPassengerChauffeurLicense

      public static final int dtPublicPassengerChauffeurLicense
      Public Passenger Chauffeur License
      See Also:
    • dtRacingAndGamingComissionCard

      public static final int dtRacingAndGamingComissionCard
      Racing and Gaming Comission Card
      See Also:
    • dtRefugeeTravelDocument

      public static final int dtRefugeeTravelDocument
      Refugee Travel Document
      See Also:
    • dtRenewalPermit

      public static final int dtRenewalPermit
      Renewal Permit
      See Also:
    • dtRestrictedCommercialDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtRestrictedCommercialDrivingLicense
      Restricted Commercial Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtRestrictedDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtRestrictedDrivingLicense
      Restricted Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtRestrictedPermit

      public static final int dtRestrictedPermit
      Restricted Permit
      See Also:
    • dtSeasonalPermit

      public static final int dtSeasonalPermit
      Seasonal Permit
      See Also:
    • dtSeasonalResidentIdentityCard

      public static final int dtSeasonalResidentIdentityCard
      Seasonal Resident Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtSeniorCitizenIdentityCard

      public static final int dtSeniorCitizenIdentityCard
      Senior Citizen Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtSexOffender

      public static final int dtSexOffender
      Sex Offender
      See Also:
    • dtSocialSecurityCard

      public static final int dtSocialSecurityCard
      Social Security Card
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtTemporaryDrivingLicense
      Temporary Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtTemporaryDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Temporary Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtTemporaryDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Temporary Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryIdentityCard

      public static final int dtTemporaryIdentityCard
      Temporary Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCard

      public static final int dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCard
      Temporary Instruction Permit Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCardUnder18

      public static final int dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCardUnder18
      Temporary Instruction Permit Identity Card under 18
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCardUnder21

      public static final int dtTemporaryInstructionPermitIdentityCardUnder21
      Temporary Instruction Permit Identity Card under 21
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicense
      Temporary Visitor Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicenseUnder18

      public static final int dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicenseUnder18
      Temporary Visitor Driving License under 18
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicenseUnder21

      public static final int dtTemporaryVisitorDrivingLicenseUnder21
      Temporary Visitor Driving License under 21
      See Also:
    • dtUniformedServicesIdentityCard

      public static final int dtUniformedServicesIdentityCard
      Uniformed Services Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtVehicleSalespersonLicense

      public static final int dtVehicleSalespersonLicense
      Vehicle Salesperson License
      See Also:
    • dtWorkerIdentificationCredential

      public static final int dtWorkerIdentificationCredential
      Worker Identification Credential
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNovice

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNovice
      Commercial Driving License Novice
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder18

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder18
      Commercial Driving License Novice under 18
      See Also:
    • dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder21

      public static final int dtCommercialDrivingLicenseNoviceUnder21
      Commercial Driving License Novice under 21
      See Also:
    • dtPassportCard

      public static final int dtPassportCard
      Passport Card
      See Also:
    • dtPermanentResidentCard

      public static final int dtPermanentResidentCard
      Permanent Resident Card
      See Also:
    • dtPersonalIdentificationVerification

      public static final int dtPersonalIdentificationVerification
      Personal Identification Verification
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryOperatorLicense

      public static final int dtTemporaryOperatorLicense
      Temporary Operator License
      See Also:
    • dtDrivingLicenseUnder19

      public static final int dtDrivingLicenseUnder19
      Driving License under 19
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCardUnder19

      public static final int dtIdentityCardUnder19
      Identity Card under 19
      See Also:
    • dtVisa

      public static final int dtVisa
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryPassport

      public static final int dtTemporaryPassport
      Temporary Passport
      See Also:
    • dtVotingCard

      public static final int dtVotingCard
      Voting Card
      See Also:
    • dtHealthCard

      public static final int dtHealthCard
      Health Card
      See Also:
    • dtCertificateOfCitizenship

      public static final int dtCertificateOfCitizenship
      Certificate of Citizenship
      See Also:
    • dtAddressCard

      public static final int dtAddressCard
      Address Card
      See Also:
    • dtAirportImmigrationCard

      public static final int dtAirportImmigrationCard
      Airport Immigration Card
      See Also:
    • dtAlienRegistrationCard

      public static final int dtAlienRegistrationCard
      Alien Registration Card
      See Also:
    • dtAPEHCard

      public static final int dtAPEHCard
      APEH Card
      See Also:
    • dtCouponToDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtCouponToDrivingLicense
      Coupon To Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtCrewMemberCertificate

      public static final int dtCrewMemberCertificate
      Crew Member Certificate
      See Also:
    • dtDocumentForReturn

      public static final int dtDocumentForReturn
      Document for Return
      See Also:
    • dtECard

      public static final int dtECard
      See Also:
    • dtEmploymentCard

      public static final int dtEmploymentCard
      Employment Card
      See Also:
    • dtHKSARImmigrationForm

      public static final int dtHKSARImmigrationForm
      HKSAR Immigration Form
      See Also:
    • dtImmigrantCard

      public static final int dtImmigrantCard
      Immigrant Card
      See Also:
    • dtLabourCard

      public static final int dtLabourCard
      Labour Card
      See Also:
    • dtLaissezPasser

      public static final int dtLaissezPasser
      Laissez Passer
      See Also:
    • dtLawyerIdentityCertificate

      public static final int dtLawyerIdentityCertificate
      Lawyer Identity Certificate
      See Also:
    • dtLicenseCard

      public static final int dtLicenseCard
      License Card
      See Also:
    • dtPassportStateless

      public static final int dtPassportStateless
      Passport Stateless
      See Also:
    • dtPassportChild

      public static final int dtPassportChild
      Passport Child
      See Also:
    • dtPassportConsular

      public static final int dtPassportConsular
      Passport Consular
      See Also:
    • dtPassportDiplomaticService

      public static final int dtPassportDiplomaticService
      Passport Diplomatic Service
      See Also:
    • dtPassportOfficial

      public static final int dtPassportOfficial
      Passport Official
      See Also:
    • dtPassportProvisional

      public static final int dtPassportProvisional
      Passport Provisional
      See Also:
    • dtPassportSpecial

      public static final int dtPassportSpecial
      Passport Special
      See Also:
    • dtPermissionToTheLocalBorderTraffic

      public static final int dtPermissionToTheLocalBorderTraffic
      Permission to the Local Border Traffic
      See Also:
    • dtSEDESOLCard

      public static final int dtSEDESOLCard
      SEDESOL Card
      See Also:
    • dtSocialCard

      public static final int dtSocialCard
      Social Card
      See Also:
    • dtTBCard

      public static final int dtTBCard
      TB Card
      See Also:
    • dtVehiclePassport

      public static final int dtVehiclePassport
      Vehicle Passport
      See Also:
    • dtWDocument

      public static final int dtWDocument
      W Document
      See Also:
    • dtDiplomaticIdentityCard

      public static final int dtDiplomaticIdentityCard
      Diplomatic Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtConsularIdentityCard

      public static final int dtConsularIdentityCard
      Consular Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtIncomeTaxCard

      public static final int dtIncomeTaxCard
      Income Tax Card
      See Also:
    • dtResidencePermit

      public static final int dtResidencePermit
      Residence Permit
      See Also:
    • dtDocumentOfIdentity

      public static final int dtDocumentOfIdentity
      Document of Identity
      See Also:
    • dtBorderCrossingPermit

      public static final int dtBorderCrossingPermit
      Border Crossing Permit
      See Also:
    • dtPassportLimitedValidity

      public static final int dtPassportLimitedValidity
      Passport Limited Validity
      See Also:
    • dtSIMCard

      public static final int dtSIMCard
      SIM Card
      See Also:
    • dtTaxCard

      public static final int dtTaxCard
      Tax Card
      See Also:
    • dtCompanyCard

      public static final int dtCompanyCard
      Company Card
      See Also:
    • dtDomesticPassport

      public static final int dtDomesticPassport
      Domestic Passport
      See Also:
    • dtIdentityCertificate

      public static final int dtIdentityCertificate
      Identity Certificate
      See Also:
    • dtResidentIdCard

      public static final int dtResidentIdCard
      Resident Id Card
      See Also:
    • dtArmedForcesIdentityCard

      public static final int dtArmedForcesIdentityCard
      Armed Forces Identity Card
      See Also:
    • dtProfessionalCard

      public static final int dtProfessionalCard
      Professional Card
      See Also:
    • dtRegistrationStamp

      public static final int dtRegistrationStamp
      Registration Stamp
      See Also:
    • dtDriverCard

      public static final int dtDriverCard
      Driver Card
      See Also:
    • dtDriverTrainingCertificate

      public static final int dtDriverTrainingCertificate
      Driver Training Certificate
      See Also:
    • dtQualificationDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtQualificationDrivingLicense
      Qualification Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtMembershipCard

      public static final int dtMembershipCard
      Membership Card
      See Also:
    • dtPublicVehicleDriverAuthorityCard

      public static final int dtPublicVehicleDriverAuthorityCard
      Public Vehicle Driver Authority Card
      See Also:
    • dtMarineLicense

      public static final int dtMarineLicense
      Marine License
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryLearnerDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtTemporaryLearnerDrivingLicense
      Temporary Learner Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtTemporaryCommercialDrivingLicense

      public static final int dtTemporaryCommercialDrivingLicense
      Temporary Commercial Driving License
      See Also:
    • dtInterimInstructionalPermit

      public static final int dtInterimInstructionalPermit
      Interim Instructional Permit
      See Also:
    • dtCertificateOfCompetency

      public static final int dtCertificateOfCompetency
      Certificate of Competency
      See Also:
    • dtCertificateOfProficiency

      public static final int dtCertificateOfProficiency
      Certificate of Proficiency
      See Also:
    • dtTradeLicense

      public static final int dtTradeLicense
      Trade License
      See Also:
    • dtPassportPage

      public static final int dtPassportPage
      Passport Page
      See Also:
    • dtInvoice

      public static final int dtInvoice
      See Also:
    • dtPassengerLocatorForm

      public static final int dtPassengerLocatorForm
      Passenger Locator Form
      See Also:
  • Constructor Details

    • diDocType

      public diDocType()