Class ElementPosition


public class ElementPosition extends Object
structure is used for storing element bounds detection result.
  • Field Details

    • docFormat

      public int docFormat
      document format
    • width

      public int width
      element width
    • height

      public int height
      element height
    • angle

      public double angle
      element rotation angle
    • dpi

      public int dpi
      element dpi
    • inverse

      public int inverse
      internal use parameter
    • perspectiveTr

      public int perspectiveTr
      internal use parameter
    • objArea

      public int objArea
      internal use parameter
    • objIntAngleDev

      public int objIntAngleDev
      internal use parameter
    • resultStatus

      public int resultStatus
      one of eCheckResult values, indicating if element bounds are "stable" - detected confidently and not significantly moving
    • center

      public Coordinate center
      center of element coordinates
    • leftTop

      public Coordinate leftTop
      left top corner coordinates
    • leftBottom

      public Coordinate leftBottom
      left bottom corner coordinates
    • rightTop

      public Coordinate rightTop
      right top corner coordinates
    • rightBottom

      public Coordinate rightBottom
      right bottom corner coordinates
    • pageIndex

      public int pageIndex
  • Constructor Details

    • ElementPosition

      public ElementPosition()
  • Method Details

    • toJsonObject

      public JSONObject toJsonObject()
    • toJson

      public String toJson()
      Method convert object to string in json format
      string in json format
    • fromJson

      public static ElementPosition fromJson(String json)
    • fromJson

      public static ElementPosition fromJson(JSONObject object)