Class DocumentReaderScenario


public class DocumentReaderScenario extends Object
class, contains information about processing scenario. scenario allows to quickly configure processing
  • Field Details

    • name

      public final String name
      ID of the scenario
    • caption

      public final String caption
      string representation of scenario ID
    • description

      public final String description
      Description of the scenario
    • multiPageOff

      public final boolean multiPageOff
    • frameKWHLandscape

      public final double frameKWHLandscape
    • frameKWHPortrait

      public final double frameKWHPortrait
    • frameKWHDoublePageSpreadPortrait

      public final double frameKWHDoublePageSpreadPortrait
    • frameKWHDoublePageSpreadLandscape

      public final double frameKWHDoublePageSpreadLandscape
    • frameOrientation

      public final int frameOrientation
      available orientation for scenario see DocReaderOrientation description
    • uvTorch

      public final boolean uvTorch
    • faceExt

      public final boolean faceExt
    • seriesProcessMode

      public final boolean seriesProcessMode
    • manualCrop

      public final boolean manualCrop
    • resolution

      public String resolution
    • width

      public int width
    • height

      public int height
  • Constructor Details

    • DocumentReaderScenario

      public DocumentReaderScenario(String name, String caption, String description, int multiPageOff, double frameKWHLandscape, double frameKWHPortrait, double frameKWHDoublePageSpreadPortrait, double frameKWHDoublePageSpreadLandscape, int frameOrientation, boolean uvTorch, boolean faceExt, boolean seriesProcessMode, boolean manualCrop, String resolution)
    • DocumentReaderScenario

      public DocumentReaderScenario(String name)
  • Method Details