Class Functionality


public class Functionality extends Object
Functional-related params
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  • Constructor Details

    • Functionality

      public Functionality()
  • Method Details

    • isUseAuthenticator

      public boolean isUseAuthenticator()
      identify work with Mobile Authenticator
    • isPictureOnBoundsReady

      public boolean isPictureOnBoundsReady()
      if set, as soon as document is located during video mode, picture wil be taken and processed as single frame used for devices with poor-quality video preview
    • getCameraFrame

      public String getCameraFrame()
      Use this setting, to override default cropping frame on camera activity provided by scenario
    • getOrientation

      public int getOrientation()
      defines orientation of activities, see DocReaderOrientation for more information
    • isShowTorchButton

      public boolean isShowTorchButton()
      if set, torch button will be visible on video capture activity
    • isShowCloseButton

      public boolean isShowCloseButton()
      if set, skip button will be visible on video capture and chip reading activities
    • isVideoCaptureMotionControl

      public boolean isVideoCaptureMotionControl()
      if set, DocumentReader will receive data from Motion Sensor and pause scanning when device is moving
    • isShowCaptureButton

      public boolean isShowCaptureButton()
      if set, "capture" button will be displayed on video preview, allowing to take picture and process it as single frame
    • isShowChangeFrameButton

      public boolean isShowChangeFrameButton()
      if set, frame expanding button will be shown on video capture screen
    • getShowCaptureButtonDelayFromDetect

      public long getShowCaptureButtonDelayFromDetect()
      delay in seconds after document was detected
    • getShowCaptureButtonDelayFromStart

      public long getShowCaptureButtonDelayFromStart()
      delay in seconds after camera was started
    • isDatabaseAutoupdate

      public boolean isDatabaseAutoupdate()
    • isShowSkipNextPageButton

      public boolean isShowSkipNextPageButton()
      If set, button will be displayed in case of multiple page processing, allowing to skip further page(s) processing
    • isSkipFocusingFrames

      public boolean isSkipFocusingFrames()
      If set, frames received from camera while auto focus is happening won't be processed
    • isBTDeviceApiPresent

      public boolean isBTDeviceApiPresent()
      Indicates if the API module for working with Bluetooth Device (torch/rfid) is present
    • getBtDeviceName

      public String getBtDeviceName()
      name of the Ble device (torch/rfid)
    • isShowCameraSwitchButton

      public boolean isShowCameraSwitchButton()
      if set, camera swapping button will be displayed on CaptureActivity
    • getStartDocReaderForResult

      public boolean getStartDocReaderForResult()
      use this flag if you want to close rfid activity after complete reading rfid you will never back to parent activity, but you will get completion callback
    • isDisplayMetaData

      public boolean isDisplayMetaData()
      If set, the metadata will be displayed over the camera preview during a document processing, namely the perspective angle value
      flag value
    • getCaptureMode

      public int getCaptureMode()
      Use this setting to change document capture behavior See CaptureMode enum
    • getCameraWidth

      public Integer getCameraWidth()
      Camera preview image width in pixels
    • getCameraHeight

      public Integer getCameraHeight()
      Camera preview image height in pixels
    • isZoomEnabled

      public boolean isZoomEnabled()
      If set, user is allowed to adjust a zoom level using the pinch gesture on camera preview during document processing (in a range from 1x to 10x)
      flag value
    • getZoomFactor

      public float getZoomFactor()
      The current camera zoom level on camera preview during document processing (in a range from 1x to 10x)
      zoom level
    • getRfidTimeout

      public Integer getRfidTimeout()
      Use the parameter to set the time limit (in seconds) for the RFID chip reading, beyond which it does not continue regardless of its result.
      timeout in seconds
    • getExposure

      public float getExposure()
    • getCameraMode

      public int getCameraMode()
      Allows to set camera API used during document video capture. Auto by default
      current camera API
    • getExcludedCamera2Models

      public List<String> getExcludedCamera2Models()
      A list of devices that must not use the camera2 API
      list of String
    • isCameraTorchCheckDisabled

      public boolean isCameraTorchCheckDisabled()
      Allows you to disable all validations of having a torch in case Android returns that it's not available, but it can be used when checks are skipped Danger Please use this setting at your own risk as the end app may crash.
      flag value
    • doRecordProcessingVideo

      public boolean doRecordProcessingVideo()
      If set, video during processing of the document will be recorded. This can be used later for debugging and troubleshooting
    • isManualMultipageMode

      public boolean isManualMultipageMode()
      If set, DocumentReader.startNewPage() will not be called automatically, which allows to add custom logic between page processing
      flag value
    • getForcePagesCount

      public Integer getForcePagesCount()
      If set, multiple page processing will stop when processed pages number is equal to the value
      number of pages
    • edit

      Create a new Editor for these preferences, through which you can make modifications to the data in the functionality and atomically commit those changes back to the Functionality object. Note that you must call Functionality.FunctionalityEditor.apply() to have any changes you perform in the Editor actually show up in the Functionality.
      Functionality.FunctionalityEditor instance